Tapprint will handle your diary printing. With us, printing your diary is as easy as a few taps of a button. Can you believe that? With a few taps of a button, we will print, organize, and deliver right to your doorstep anywhere in Malaysia! What’s more, we use the latest printer technologies to ensure you receive your print without delay! Along with our intuitively designed website, your diary is as good as printed!


Here are a few things to keep in mind with your diary printing:

  • What kind of diary are you producing? A premium or standard diary? The material used will factor it’s finish, quality and feel of your diary
  • Diaries will see a strenuous amount of writing, so choose paper that can withstand all that lead and ink
  • While designing, remember to think about the special finishes you want to incorporate. Eg: thermography, die cutting, embossing, varnishing, or foil blocking.
  • How will you bind the book? Different papers require different types of binding.


Unsure if you should be printing a diary?

Help your employees keep on mission with custom prints, let them feel the satisfaction of their pens scratching the paper, show them that they matter with premium quality covers.

If you are a business, a diary to keep organized is of utmost importance. While we may have smartphones and our desktops to help us keep organized, there is nothing quite like getting your thoughts organized on a piece of paper. It is quick, intuitive, and satiates a primal desire. Sometimes it’s what gets us through the day, knowing that when we complete a task, we get to cross something off our list.

Let TapPrint handle your diary printing. Your employees will feel all the more closer to your mission with a quality printed diary that shows off what they mean to your company.


Tapprint promises quality printing service

With over 20 years of experience in the printing business Tapprint is an evolution of the traditional printing service. Not only will we print anything you can dream up, but we will answer any of your printing questions from the type of material to print on, how big your prints should be, what formats you should use digitally, how long certain prints will take, what kind of printers are required, or anything related to printing! We believe that you will see the value of Tapprint if you understand a little bit of what we do for you, which is why all questions are welcomed with open arms.

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