Tapprint will handle your paper bag printing. With us, printing your paper bag printing is as easy as a few taps of a button. Can you believe that? With a few taps of a button, we will print, organize, and deliver right to your doorstep anywhere in Malaysia! What’s more, we use the latest printer technologies to ensure you receive your print without delay! Along with our intuitively designed website, your paper bag is as good as printed!


Here are a few things to keep in mind with your paper bag printing:

  • Where will these bags be in use? Will they be able to withstand the environmental conditions?
  • Will they be throwaways or reusable?
  • Will this be for a specific event or multiple events?


Unsure if you should be printing a paper bag?

Paper bags are a wonderful solution for an event, not only are they pragmatic because they let your event goers carry all their merchandise but serves as a marketing tool! A well designed paper bag will serve your marketing needs for months to come.

If your company is trying to shed some light on a relevant topic, paper bags are also a good way to do this. A quick quote that highlights the problem your company is addressing can help spread awareness. It also doesn’t hurt to have your company logo prominently displayed so that people know your company stands for a cause.

Let Tapprint handle your paper bag printing. It’ll make your event-goers life a little bit easier.


Tapprint promises quality printing service

With over 20 years of experience in the printing business Tapprint is an evolution of the traditional printing service. Not only will we print anything you can dream up, but we will answer any of your printing questions from the type of material to print on, how big your prints should be, what formats you should use digitally, how long certain prints will take, what kind of printers are required, or anything related to printing! We believe that you will see the value of Tapprint if you understand a little bit of what we do for you, which is why all questions are welcomed with open arms.

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